Nutritional Assistance Cente

The largest and most unique center of its kind in Israel, distributing about 1,500 personal consumption baskets every month, over 10,000 people a month receive assistance.

As part of the project, the Organization operates a “Free Supermarket” with a selection of hundreds of food and consumer products.
Every family that comes to “buy” chooses for themselves the products they need, from dry food products, dairy products, poultry, meat and fish, baby products and hygiene products, until sweets and candies to make the children happy.
At the end of the “purchase”, the family goes to “checkout” and there, of course, he does not have to pay at all. The “cashier” sees on the computer that the family is entitled to the assistance according to the monthly amount approved by the committee, and the family takes the products free of charge.
Thus, every month over a thousand families choose for themselves their own food basket that suits them, free of charge.

Every month, thousands of men, women and children enjoy the nutritional basket and many food products that they can’t afford to buy.

Thousands of families that without this assistance their refrigerator would have remained empty and thousands of children that their parents don’t always have food for them would have remained hungry.

Or Yossef does its utmost to help all referrals and to increase the scope of the basket as much as possible, depending on fundraising and donations.

Be part of this project and adopt a family

Adopt a family for a month – donation of 250 NIS

Adopt a family for a year – donation of 3,000 NIS

Amount to be raised:


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