Clothing enter for the entire family

The largest and most comprehensive clothing aid project, distributing tens of thousands of clothing items to needy families.

“The boy didn’t go to school because he didn’t have a jacket”

“The girl is embarrassed from her friends because her shoes are torn”

“I don’t have money to buy clothes for the children”

Many requests in this style reach the organization. Many families tell us “if we buy clothes for the children, it would be instead of their food”.
As part of this project, we distribute or subsidize tens of thousands of clothing items for men, women, children and babies: shoes, coats, suits, shirts, sweaters and more.
Thanks to this center, thousands of people are walking around today with respectable and beautiful clothes, without feeling ashamed and humiliated.

Be part of this project and adopt a family

Adopt a family for a year – 600 NIS.

Amount to be raised:


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