Who we are

Or Yosef was founded in 2011 and since then has been leading a revolution in the scope of assistance and giving and its effectiveness for families in distress. This is done while maintaining the dignity of the beneficiaries and with the aim of helping to break the cycle of poverty, for a dignified life and economic and social growth.

The people who we help include: widows, orphans, disabled people, holocaust survivors, single mothers, children at risk, large families in financial distress, families with financial difficulties, sick people, bankrupts and families with exceptional economic expenses.

The assistance is given to families in distress from all sectors of the society after an examination of their financial situation by an examination committee and after the submission of documents attesting to their economic situation, such as: National Insurance certificate, pay slips, illness or disability certificates, referrals from welfare offices, recommendations, etc.

The organization operates a wide range of assistance programs that operate regularly throughout the year and help thousands of families to stand on their own and avoid economic collapse. The programs include food aid, a weekly fruit and vegetable market, a clothing assistance center, dental assistance, vision and optics, and more.

This is in addition to many projects that operate from time to time in many other areas. Assistance to dropout youth, cooked meals for the needy and after birth, assistance in employment, assistance in vocational training, and more.

Our vision as a non-profit organization is to provide a full solution to every family and request and to help them with economic growth and exiting the cycle of poverty. All this while maintaining the values of giving with dignity and respecting human dignity.

Our team


Rabbi Avraham Dayan

President and founder

Tzvika Ravnesari

Procurement and food donations

Michael Dayan


Limor Mazuz

Assistance requests coordinator

Margalit Nadav

Optics and vision department

Chaim Peretz

Dentistry Department

Our partners


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