Support and assistance for all distress

The center provides financial and economic assistance to complex social and economic cases, which handles thousands of inquiries each year.

Thousands of requests reach our organization every year for assistance in various difficulties and adversities.
People who lack the ability to purchase medicines, people in need of surgery or urgent medical treatment, families who went bankrupt and are being chased by their creditors, elderly and Holocaust survivors who are unable to pay for basic needs as heating, furniture etc., brides and grooms who cannot afford to buy even the most basic furniture and many more difficult cases.
Our organization works to assist all the applicants and alleviate their distress as much as possible, both financially and in providing good advice or support and guidance.

Be part of this project  and adopt a support unit

Adopt a support unit at the center – 500 NIS

Adopt a support unit at the center – 500 NIS

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