Dental Health Center

A special project to help thousands of people in one of the most expensive areas of consumption, thousands of subsidized dental treatments for Disadvantaged families.

More than 2 million people in Israel give up dental care for budgetary reasons.
More than half of Israel’s weak population neglects dental care because of the high costs.

Thousands of dental treatments are performed at the organization’s dental health center.

A professional and high quality team of doctors, experts, assistants, hygienists and more, handles over 1,000 patients who need dental care and are unable to pay the high costs of treatment.

“Without the help of the organization, I would not be able to eat or chew”.  This statement and others are constantly being heard in our center.

Thousands of people walk around with a beautiful smile and a good feeling thanks to the organization and thanks to you..

Be part of this project and adopt a family or a one hour treatment

Adopt a family for a year – 450 NIS

Adopt a one hour treatment – 250 NIS

Amount to be raised:


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